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This is a subsidiary of Tommy's Towing.
This is a subsidiary of Tommy's Towing.

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    Quality towing and roadside assistance is a service that will be in demand for as long as there are vehicles on the road and when looking for the best in the Huntington Beach area, turning to the skill and capability of Towing Huntington Beach will bring results. We have been proudly serving the area for a number of years, delivering a range of service that ensure that you are never traveling the roads alone.

    About Us

    We are your source for everything from fuel delivery to heavy-duty towing, providing you with a solution to any issue that may arise as you travel the streets of Huntington Beach. Whether you’re in need of local towing, vehicle transport or a jumpstart service, choosing to reach out to the best in local towing companies will provide you with results you can count on. We provide you with the services you need 24-hours a day, giving you the capability to get response to your location anywhere in the city and at any time, all it takes is a short phone call.

    Our Service

    The range of services that we bring to the city ensure that you have answers awaiting any issues that may come up during your travels. Whether it’s a roadside assistance issue or quality towing that you find yourself in need of, making the call to Towing Huntington Beach will provide you with the responsiveness you’re looking for, around the clock. From the first thing in the morning, until the dead of night, our experts are always out on the streets of the Huntington Beach area, ready and waiting to provide motorists across the city with the quality services they need.



    We are known in the Huntington Beach area for the quality of our towing service, delivering the capability to provide results for all manner of vehicle needs. Whether you’re looking to bring a vehicle across town or across state lines, choosing to make the call to Towing Huntington Beach will provide you with the quality you need and the affordability of service that allows you to make the call to our professionals in confidence.

    Flatbed Towing

    In order to bring the best towing services to the city, we first need to ensure that we’re providing the best possible tow trucks. Our flatbed towing service provides you with the ability to move vehicles of all types, from large cars and trucks to motorcycles and heavy-duty towing options. When looking for a local service that provides you with a solid result, you can depend on our trucks and our tow truck operators.

    Jumpstart Service

    Jumpstart Service

    Finding that your battery no longer has the ability to provide the necessary spark to bring your vehicle to life can be a stressful situation and have you looking for solutions. When making the choice to reach out to Towing Huntington Beach, you can count on the reliability we’re known for, quick response and a professional service that will have your vehicle up and running again in no time, getting you back on the road in haste.

    24-Hour Towing

    We not only bring the Huntington Beach area the widest range of towing options but also ensure that you have the means to obtain them when you need them most. We understand that issues don’t follow a schedule and you can find yourself in need of assistance at any time of day. When making the call to Towing Huntington Beach for service, you can count on our professionals to be there around the clock, ready to bring you result.

    Transport Service

    Transport Service

    We bring transport services in all uses of the word, from heavy-duty towing to vehicle transportation you can count on for safety and reliability. Whatever the item you need to get across the Huntington Beach area, you can depend on our professionals to provide you with the results you need in quick and reliable fashion. For more than just a cheap towing company, you need Towing Huntington Beach in your corner.

    Roadside Assistance

    Towing Huntington Beach brings the city a full range of roadside assistance services, from fuel delivery to lock out services, flat tire repaired to jump starts and all options in between. No matter the issue you find yourself facing while traversing the roads of Huntington Beach, you can be sure that our professionals are always ready and waiting to deliver a dependable service. Much like our towing options, our roadside assistance is available to motorists around the clock.

    Towing Huntington Beach - Roadside Assistance

    Contact Us For More Information

    We provide you with the means to find yourself on the line with a capable professional at any time of day. Whether you’re calling in for accident recovery or simply to find out more about the transport services we provide, you have the ability at hand to get your questions answered quickly and easily. Towing Huntington Beach provides the city an around the clock service to ensure that those traveling the roads of the city have the peace of mind in knowing that there’s always a solution awaiting any possible issue that can affect you’re journey and it’s never more than a short call away.


    “After my car broke down suddenly, I needed to get out of traffic and to a service station. When I called Towing Huntington Beach, they got right to work on dispatching a nearby truck and getting my car where it needed to go.” – Jessie T.


    “I bought a new car and needed it delivered to my house as I couldn’t drive it yet. I was worried about the cost of getting a towing company to do it, but Towing Huntington Beach was more than affordable. The service was great, and the delivery was quick.” – Liam G.


    “I called Towing Huntington Beach for a jumpstart service after getting out of work and my car not starting. They were fast and friendly both over the phone and in person, the service was affordable, and I would highly recommend it to anyone in the city in my position.” – Carol K.

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