Accident Removal

Roseburg OR - March 2013: A tow truck lifts a car following a rollover accident during a spring rain in Roseburg Oregon March 19 2013

In the unfortunate event that you are involved in an accident and your car is immobilized, we will come and get it out of harm’s way.

You were driving along minding your business and all of a sudden someone rear ends you. Your car is no longer driveable. You don’t want it sitting there precariously on the side of the road where it could receive further damage or be subject to vandals.

We are just one call away from getting your damaged property to safety. There is no need to make a bad day worse by leaving your car somewhere for it to be subject to additional loss. We are dependable, trustworthy and meticulous. We will never waver in the face of adversity or bad weather. It could be freezing rain, a scorching hot summer day,  we will still come and remove your vehicle from an accident scene.

You don’t want to wait for hours for your car to be moved. You have already been inconvenienced. Which is why when you call we will be there expeditiously. We can drop you off where you need to go so you can finish your day and be productive even though your car is temporarily out of commission.

Our reputation is impeccable. Our references are astounding and we will always deliver on our promise to put your needs above our own and to treat you like one of the family. We always treat are family with love, compassion and empathy.


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