Costa Mesa Tow Truck

Costa Mesa Tow Truck

Ever imagine moving a disabled, impounded, or improperly parked vehicle on your own? Or transporting heavy equipment or trade goods while relocating offices? Well, you can’t accomplish these daunting tasks on your own; this is where you need the assistance or rescue of a tow truck.

Tow trucks are often seen hard at work near houses, roads, and sidewalks in our daily lives. In many cases, we fail to notice the work a breakdown lorry carries out. One of these major tasks is quality towing and roadside assistance services.

As long as there are vehicles on the road, you can always expect to face unforeseen circumstances. During these times, it’s best to trust someone with skill and experience. Our team at Mesa towing remains at your disposition in the Orange County area for several years. We deliver numerous services that make sure that you are never alone on the roads in times of hardship.

About Us

Costa Mesa towing is a reliable and licensed source of any towing service in California. Be it delivering fuel, local and rapid towing, jumpstart service, or heavy-duty lifting, our team can do it all. All workers here ensure that you are provided with the most capable and smart solution to any problem on the streets.

We are available 24/7, which means that you will get the fastest response time anywhere in the city. People reach out to us with an assurance that they can count on the results we provide.



Innumerable services are associated with a tow truck company. We bring a diverse range of services that take charge of any problems you might anticipate while traveling. Our team of experts is at hand and on the streets, available for you. We also provide special beach towing assistance. The responsive team quickly investigates your problem and provides you with optimum roadside assistance around the clock.

Here is a detailed description of all the solutions we provide.

  • Emergency/Accident/Roadside assistance
  • Car
  • SUV
  • Flatbed
  • Local
  • Long Distance
  • Car Blocking Driveway
  • Emergency Fuel Delivery
  • Car Lockout Service
  • Flat Tire Fix
  • Jump Start
  • Junk Car Removal
  • Auto Recovery Assistance

· Emergency/Accident/Roadside Assistance

On-road vehicle emergencies and accidents are nerve-wracking events that cause nothing but tension and anxiety. In such a difficult time we take you away from all the hassle and provide you with outstanding roadside assistance.

Our team is available night and day to assist you and provide you with alternate vehicles. Whether it is a car with a flat tire or a massive collision, we accommodate you with simple, dependable solutions. So the next time your car doesn’t start on the road, look for our towing and pickup assistance.

· Long Distance

We are not just available locally. You can most certainly reach out to us for any long distance towing service as well. We can tow anything from any part of Orange County and deliver it to your preferred location. There is no difference in our response time or the quality of our services. We can easily accommodate your wishes.

·Car Blocking Driveway

In California, it is every day that you find another car obstructing your driveway. It is a headache to deal with, and it creates useless arguments at home. Our team provides special assistance in removing unknown cars that block your driveway. Just call us and put your trust in our local experts. We are sure to remove all your worries in a jiffy and without feuds.

·Emergency Fuel Delivery

One of the biggest fears of any driver is to be stuck on a deserted road with no gas. Running out of fuel anywhere on the road can be a nuisance, but not with us around. Our emergency fuel delivery service is swift, meticulous, and well-planned. We can deliver gasoline anywhere to you, be it a bustling highway or a residential community, though just a call.

·Car Lockout Service

Going back to your vehicle after any activity and realizing that you left your keys inside is an absolute horror. It can cause a lot of problems and deal with it wastes your useful time as well. We have many lock experts to provide you with vehicle lockout services. You can rely on us to unlock your car with quick and orderly services. We also aid you with trunk lockout services.

·Flat Tire Fix

Flat tires are probably the most common problem faced by many drivers in our city. If you are irritated or too formally dressed to change a tire, give us a call. It is our all-day work to get you out of the flat tire dilemma. We ensure to take on all the stress and get you comfortable behind the wheel and on the go. Also, this process only takes a short fraction of your time.

·Jump Start

A vital part of tow services and vehicle assistance is jump-starting a dead car. To know that your battery is not sufficiently charged to power your car in the middle of a road is an inconvenience. We provide top-notch jump start services that give your battery the spark it needs to bring your vehicle to life. You don’t need to face this stressful situation because we will have your vehicle up and running in no time.

·Junk Car Removal

Let’s be honest; we all know someone that has a good-for-naught vehicle. Our team is here with our heavy-duty tow trucks to lift and dispose of any junk vehicles. We will get rid of anything you don’t require with minimum fuss and maximum cost-effectiveness.


Most people don't know, but a less-popular but equally functional service many towing companies provide is the mobile battery. Our workers will go to your location anywhere and at any time of the day. We will test your battery on the spot and install a new battery if necessary.

Why Choose Us

We are a group of highly professional and fully licensed team of individuals that provide insured towing services. We also supply many people with secure, impromptu roadside assistance. Reasonable rates and reliable services are what set us apart from other companies. So the next time you require the assistance of a tow truck here is a very trustworthy option.


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